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Leaving a Cat Alone

Work or leisure activities: There are many reasons why we have to leave our pets alone. It's possible with a cat! We explain what you need to know and how to train it with her.


Body language of cats

Our paws communicate with us every day - we just have to learn to interpret their signals correctly. We'll show you how to do this below!


Removing ticks from cats

Cats love forays through nature! But they can get ticks in the process. Since the pests can transmit diseases to your cat, you should remove them as soon as possible. We'll tell you how!


Games for cats

Regular play with your cat increases their well-being and your bond with each other. We have collected a variety of games for you!


Why do cats scratch?

Does your velvet paw sometimes scratch and sharpen its claws on you and your furniture? We explain the reasons for scratching, why it is so important for your cat and how you can control the scratching.


Where to take your dog and cat on holiday?

Finally, a holiday in sight! But surfing lessons or pool holidays are best enjoyed without dog and cat? No problem: we'll show you where your four-legged friend can be lovingly cared for during your holiday.


Indoor cats: What to watch out for with house cats

If you decide to get a cat or a tomcat, there are a few other questions to consider, such as whether your cat will be allowed to go outside or whether it will remain an indoor cat.


Cat-proof home: how to protect your cuddly tiger

The time has finally come: your furry companion is about to move in! The most important thing for your animal flatmate is a safe haven.


Cat-proofing the garden - this is how it's done

A cosy spot in the sun, sandy beds to roll around in and bushes to hide in, lie in wait and stalk: A garden is a little paradise for velvet paws. If you want your indoor cat to have free access to your garden from time…